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Cut down that tree and turn it into an iPod dock


TUAW bloggers have seen just about every type of material known to man turned into docks for iPods, iPhones, and iPads. This one, however, caught most of us off guard.

The iTree dock is a hollow log that serves as a completely functional iPod / iPhone dock. In fact, the log is hollowed out with a special technique and outfitted with speakers. The makers of this big dock, KMKG Studio, worked with Austrian speaker manufacturer Lenz to make sure that the iTree is not only beautiful, but provides excellent sound quailty. The iTree is actually suspended from the ceiling on thin, transparent line so that it appears to float in front of the wall.

If you contract with KMKG to have an iTree constructed, you get to choose what kind of wood and the length of dock you want. I'd personally go for a 30-foot beetle-killed pine log from Colorado, which has a beautiful bluish stain to it, and then play Robert Plant's "Big Log" repeatedly, ... but that's my dream.

[via The Daily What]

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