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Found Footage: A clever iPod nano name badge


Although my Apple addiction usually means that I have to run out and buy whatever new shiny thing has flown out of Cupertino, I've been able to resist getting one of the new iPod nanos. My iPhone plays music and movies, and I don't wear watches, so I really haven't been impressed.

Until now, that is. tipster Huey from Smack Dab Studios sent us a link to the video you see above. It's a simple idea; create name tag images, move them to the nano, then play them in a slide show while the nano is clipped to your pocket or lapel. The result? Something that will definitely capture the eyes of people you meet.

It's certainly an attention-getter, and it's a lot better than those sticky "HI, My Name Is Steve" labels that they love to hand out at meetings and get-togethers. Of course, you could buy a lot of sticky labels for the cost of an iPod nano, but they just aren't as cool.

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