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GameStop offering $5 off, 'custom bots' for Portal 2 preorder


Let's be honest -- you're buying Portal 2 (who isn't, right?) and, since it's a Valve game, you probably want to just pick it up on Steam, right? Not so fast -- GameStop is going to do its best to convince you otherwise. The retail chain is offering both a $5 discount on the Aperture Science training program emulator as well as the chance to get two exclusive "custom bots" for the multiplayer co-op portion of the game if you preorder with them.

What do said bots look like? We don't yet know -- what you see above is what we've got so far. They could be black instead of white, or even branded with official GameStop employee t-shirts (actually, that might be pretty rad). But the thought of extra content, GameStop hopes, might be enough to entice you away from a digital download, and back to buying an actual disc at a retail store. Interested?

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