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Where's the beep in Apple Mail?

Mel Martin

Grazing the Web over the last few days, I came upon a MacFixit piece on trying to get around the Apple mail sound bug. If you're a Mail user, there's a good chance you have run into it. Incoming mail fails to sound a beep, so you finally get a look at mail and see dozens of emails have come in while the Mac remains mute. I complained about this more than a year ago, but still nothing from Apple.

There have been dozens of articles talking about this, and the Apple support boards reflect a lot of users that are unhappy about the issue. I think the bug was introduced more than five years ago on OS X, and it remains broken and ignored by Apple. On the Apple boards, the complaints go back many years and are as recent as last week. I've tried several of the suggested fixes, but they never work; I'm not interested in a work around, I want it to work as designed.

It's hard to believe that the same company that created a new cell phone that changed the world can't get a simple beep working. I have the issue on both my Macs, and everyone I know has similar issues. My POP mail accounts work fine, but MobileMe has the issue, and I'm told other IMAP accounts are similarly plagued. Mysteriously, it works fine for some folks. Come on, Apple -- think different about this and get mail sounds working.

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