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Aventurine expanding Darkfall, development team

Jef Reahard

As much as many in the MMO community love to hate on Darkfall, the game soldiers on, and if recent reports coming out of Aventurine are any indication, it's actually growing a little bit. Producer Tasos Flambouras recently posted a lengthy development update on the game's official forums. In it, he discusses the ongoing server issues before moving on to more interesting news bits like the upcoming expansion, lore updates, and tweaks to various smaller aspects of the game's operation such as the online help and download sections of the website.

Aventurine's main task these last few weeks has been polishing the new expansion, and Flambouras has lots to say on the matter. The team has redesigned many of the new dungeons, added new quests, monsters, and rewards, and continued working on terrain improvements. "I have to repeat what a monumental task this has been: the entire world has been repainted, all textures have been redone from scratch, there are no texture seams anymore or stretching," Flambouras writes.

Finally, Aventurine looks to be expanding not just the world of Agon but the team constructing it. In addition to welcoming back a former member of the world-building team, Aventurine has hired two new programmers and one designer, and is currently interviewing more programmers in order to bring its future Darkfall plans to fruition.

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