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Halo: Reach stats and upcoming tweaks outlined by Bungie

Bungie's first Weekly Update since the launch of Halo: Reach included some startling statistics regarding the amount of time we've already thrown at the game's armor-clad feet. As of last Friday, over 31 million matchmaking games had already been played, over 78 billion credits had been earned and over 953 and 1,365 years had been poured into the game's matchmaking and campaign modes, respectively. We shudder to think how those figures expanded over the weekend.

Bungie also included some info on an update which will be applied to the game next month, saying, "the first matchmaking update for Reach will occur in early October and consist primarily of fixes for bugs and balance issues." The update will also add new game types and Forge maps to the Matchmaking playlists, and will enable co-op Campaign Matchmaking as well. Bungie also reports that it's considering changing its quick-to-boot betrayal system, but in the mean time, provides this clever workaround: "Stop shooting your teammates." Helpful!

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