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Mafia 2 takes Guinness f-bomb record; HotD: Overkill effing dethroned


Mafia 2's rap sheet now includes a Guinness World Record for "most swearing in a video game." The mob saga surpassed House of the Dead: Overkill's 189 permutations on the word "f*ck" by ... well, they're still counting. Seriously.

A representative for Guinness World Records tells Joystiq that at the moment the company has accepted that there are over 200 f-bombs in the game. He elaborated, "The number associated with the record is liable to change in the next few weeks, as 2K have promised to supply us with a copy of the game's full script under NDA so we can count the number of f-bombs ourselves and update the record with a complete figure." The company hopes to get the record into the 2011 Gamer's Edition that will be available in January.

The prolific profanities were first noticed by Achievement Hunter and compiled into a video. Take a listen to the NSFW montage after the break.

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