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Rumor: Apple/Rovi deal suggests Apple television


Earlier this week, it was reported that Apple and Rovi had signed a super-secret pact. The multi-year arrangement will reportedly let Apple make use of Rovi's technology, which includes interactive television programming guides. Piper Jaffray's Gene Munster suggested that the deal could mean live TV and DVR functionality for the new Apple TV. "[This is] further evidence that Apple is developing live TV and DVR features for its Apple TV product," Munster told CNET.

Additionally, Munster goes on to predict an Apple-branded, all-in-one television. I'm not convinced that an actual Apple television is on the drawing board, but it seems that an interactive guide could be added to the Apple TV without too much trouble. As we've seen, it's running the iOS. Apple's developers could probably write an app to make use of Rovi's data.

And what a mountain of data they have. According to the Rovi website, they've got about 111 million subscribers and a unique catalog of more than 1.2 million TV series episodes (going back to 1954) and over than 1.8 million music albums. Add to that nearly 500,000 movies, and it's an impressive collection.

Here's to an update we'd love to see on the Apple TV. Hopefully it won't be too hard for mom.

[Via Macsimum News]

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