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Asura's Wrath aiming for 'continuous drama' a la Lost, Battlestar Galactica


Asura's Wrath looks crazy, but that compelling weirdness isn't just in the visuals for the Capcom title. In a recent interview with Eurogamer, director Seiji Shimoda of developer CyberConnect2 expressed that "drama -- continuous drama -- is also another key point" in the game.

CyberConnect 2 President Hiroshi Matsuyama elaborated, calling the game "very Japanese" and noting that the company doesn't want to hide from that. However, it also plans to incorporate narrative elements found in popular TV shows like Lost, Battlestar Galactica and 24. "That feeling where you're at the end of an episode and you're desperate to know what happens next -- that's a feeling of continuing drama that we want to put in the game," he said. Hopefully Asura's Wrath will work out a better ending than those influential dramas did.

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