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FileMaker Go update adds PDF creation, photo import


The latest revision to FileMaker's two mobile database apps, FileMaker Go 1.1 for iPhone and for iPad (two separate products), gives the Go team a few vital new features for users on the move. First up: PDF creation in-app, which allows you to take a database report page or form and instantly create a saveable or mailable PDF -- great for invoices, site reports or price quotes.

Second, the apps now support image capture from the iPhone camera or from the iPad's photo library; you can populate image fields in a database directly, a great tool for real estate or inventory applications.

Other new features include scripted record imports from remote or local databases, the ability to email an entire DB from your device, file embeds (like a spreadsheet or document) into database records, and some additional security options. The URL handling for FM Go has also been souped up, meaning that other iOS applications can hand off data more easily; the first example is barcode scanning, which uses a separate app to do the scan and then hands off the result to Go.

FileMaker Go works with all desktop versions of FileMaker from 7 to 11. The iPhone/iPod touch version is US$19.99 and the iPad version costs $39.

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