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Launch Day Livestream: Final Fantasy XIV [Updated]


So today has been quite the angry day. I would be a fool not to acknowledge that, between the comments on our Daily Grind and our First Impressions of Final Fantasy XIV. Many think the game is a pile of nothing, while a few step forward with positive feedback on the title. In any case, we're finishing up today's launch day coverage with a livestream of the game in-action, complete with my thoughts and opinions on the title, both good and bad.

We're going to be live in just 30 minutes (8:30 p.m. EDT, 5:30 p.m. PDT), so either click on the picture above or hit the continue reading button right below to access our Livestream! Come, see the game in motion, chat with your fellow Massively readers, and talk with me, Seraphina! It will be exciting, even if you think the game needs to die in a fire.

Update: The stream is over, but the video lives on! Check out our recorded footage of the livestream, available just after the break!

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