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GE stuffs DLP projector into 14MP PJ1 point-and-shoot camera, we go hands-on

Darren Murph

It ain't the first point-and-shoot to emerge with a beamer within, but it's the first from GE's General Imaging branch. Boasting a 14 megapixel sensor, a vanilla enclosure and a DLP projector, the PJ1 was seen making its debut here at Photokina in Germany. The highlight of the device is obviously the 854 x 480 resolution projector that's somehow stuffed within the casing, while the most impressive part to us was just how thin it remained with such a unit inside. In other words, the projector itself was certainly lacking, and with just 15 lumens, we felt that the darker-than-dark test room (shown in the video just past the break) still wasn't dark enough. On the capture side, there's a 7x optical zoom, SD / SDHC card slot and support for 720p movies; thankfully, GE's not planning to include too hefty a premium for the projector, as we were told to expect it for "around €250 ($334)" when it lands in Europe next February.

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