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Activision Blizzard contributing to Obama's STEM initiative


Through the corporate-backed "Change the Equation" program, Activision Blizzard is aiding the science, technology, engineering and math initiative enacted by the Obama administration. A press release this morning announced Activision's participation, with chief public policy officer George Rose adding, "STEM literacy is a business imperative for our nation's economic excellence, success and citizenship. Our collaboration will not only help students, but will revive our economy, fuel our competitiveness, and ultimately empower our nation."

Change the Equation (CTEq) plans on working with "top companies" across "multiple sectors" with the intention of stimulating STEM literacy among youth, countrywide. Activision specifically will be "using video games to promote student interest in science and technology," which we have to imagine doesn't mean sending out leftover copies of Guitar Hero: Van Halen to middle schools. At least, we seriously hope not.

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