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TUAW's Daily App: Awesome Solitaire


Awesome Solitaire is (surprise!) an awesome solitaire game. The usual card game is so simple by now that presentation is everything, and Awesome Solitaire has presentation in spades. If you play in Awesome mode, the graphics are flashy, you get rewarded with points for combos, and the animation looks smooth and professional. Heck, the background is even animated with the accelerometer. My one argument is that there's no sound on the app at all -- as flashy and smooth as the graphics are, you'd think there would be some sparkling sounds to accompany them. But then again, I often turn the sounds on my phone down (especially in public), so the lack of sound on a pick up and play game like this doesn't hurt too much.

This is the absolute coolest version of solitaire you will ever play on your iPhone. There aren't a lot of actual game options (there are lots of other versions if you want a little variety), but if you just want to sit back and move solitaire cards around, this is the way to do it.

Oh, and one more thing: the app is free through the weekend. You really have no excuses at all -- go on over to the App Store and download this one.

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