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Japanese hardware sales, Sept. 13 - Sept. 19: Pokestats edition

You've probably already heard that Pokémon Black and White did pretty well during their first few days on Japanese store shelves -- according to Media Create, the games sold 2,557,779 units during their launch week. Using our own arcane knowledge of the franchise, as well as some completely made up statistics, we've managed to extrapolate even more surprising numbers from these sales:
  • Assuming each player has created a six-Pokémon-strong team, players have caught at least 15.3 million 'mons so far.
  • Should each of these early adopters manage to catch them all, they'll have captured 1.6 billion Pokémon.
  • Of this group, nearly 62 percent chose the Fire Pokémon as their starter, because you know it's always the coolest in every game.
  • Of this group, more than 200,000 players named their rival "POOP" or "BUTTFACE," which makes them giggle every time they encounter him/her.
  • Of this group, over half will approach their friends and jokingly bring up the subject of getting back into Pokémon, and then the friend will laugh, and then a minute will pass, and then the friend will pull his or her DS out of his or her pocket, and then the first person will pull out their DS, and then their eyes will lock for a while, and it will be a very important moment in their relationship.

- DSi: 47,739 [UP] 31,034 (189.87%)
- DSi LL: 31,254 [UP] 12,178 (63.84%)
- PSP: 29,866 [DOWN] 895 (2.91%)
- PS3: 21,096 [UP] 1,189 (5.97%)
- Wii: 14,833 [DOWN] 198 (1.32%)
- DS Lite: 7,137 [UP] 2,809 (64.90%)
- Xbox 360: 5,804 [UP] 2,889 (99.11%)
- PS2: 1,390 [UP] 27 (1.98%)
- PSP Go: 863 [UP] 54 (6.67%)

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