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Lego Universe's childhood innocence-preserving measures outlined

Let's face it, when hand-delivering the faceless, twisted corners of the internet a set of tools which are renowned for their capacity to create anything ever, things are going to get ... bad. Like, boners, we mean. Fortunately, NetDevil recently outlined the measures the developer has taken to protect the MMOs younger-skewing target demographic: Content moderation for player-made objects and names, combined with a privacy-ensuring "Lego Universe ID" system for in-game friends.

The first measure is pretty straightforward -- both player's names and the objects they create must be moderated before anyone else can see them. However, to lighten this substantial workload, NetDevil's made it so in-game friends can see each other's creations before they get moderated. Friends, however, have to exchange their personal ID codes outside of the game in order to achieve this level of acquaintance. Sounds hauntingly familiar to Nintendo's Friend Code system -- but we suppose it will help protect the childrens. That's what it's all about, isn't it? The childrens?

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