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Apple TV deliveries begin -- we have unboxing photos and video


Several TUAW readers have let us know that their Apple TVs have arrived, and reader Clint even sent us a link to his MobileMe gallery of his official unboxing of the new device.

As you can see from the photos, the thing is tiny. The Apple TV comes packaged with a power cord, a remote, a small user manual, and of course, the ubiquitous Apple stickers. There's no HDMI cable included, so if you don't have one available, be sure to run to your nearest electronics store to pick one up so you can start playing with the Apple TV as soon as possible.

My personal Apple TV order was supposed to arrive tomorrow; it ended up getting delivered just after I finished writing the first draft of this post. By TUAW tradition, I am supposed to film and post an unboxing video immediately. You can view this instant classic on the next page -- just click the Read More link below.

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