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Kirby, Pokemon Typing (!) on the way to regular old DS


Despite the 3DS making its big appearance at Nintendo's conference and dominating the news, that system doesn't get to claim the weirdest story of the night. The humble DS gets that honor, thanks to "Battle & Get! Pokemon Typing DS," which is exactly what it sounds like. Judging by the screenshots (available here), you type Pokemon and attack names when prompted, using a virtual keyboard. Wacky!

Also wacky: Kirby (tentative title), a new DS game which appears to have the player managing a team of up to 10 Kirbies at a time. We sincerely hope there are no restaurants in the game. Both games will be released in 2011.

There's also a training game about dogs who know English, but considering America's widespread knowledge of English -- and the partnership with the Japanese NHK television network -- it's safe to say that one is Japan-only.

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