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Nintendo reveals more 3DS hardware details, OS features


Nintendo didn't just drop a Japanese release date and price for the 3DS tonight -- in a document (PDF) released following this evening's press conference, the company detailed more of the hardware's features, including unexpected pack-ins.

¥25,000 ($299) will net you -- among other things -- a charging cradle, 2GB SD card, telescoping metal stylus and six "paper cards" that can be used for playing the system's built-in augmented reality games. (The 3DS' outward-facing 3D camera will detect and replace them in the "scene" with different 3D objects.)

3DS will also perform some neat new tricks. It has backlit face buttons -- one of which is the Home button. When pressed, it will bring up an in-game menu enabling users to browse the web, turn Wi-Fi on/off and modify other settings without exiting.

Finally, there's a breakdown of the built-in software, which includes "Nintendo 3DS cameras," "Nintendo 3DS sound," Mii Studio," "Chance Encounter Mii Plaza," "AR Games" and "Book" (an ebook reader, perhaps?). Mii Studio is unique in that it allows players to snap photos of themselves to use as a basis for their Mii. More details as they hit.

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