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Rock Band 3 'Pro Guitar' DLC upgrade will cost an extra buck; RB2 song import more than $5


Harmonix has confirmed that budding musicians will need to pay an extra dollar to upgrade Rock Band 3 DLC with Pro Mode support for guitar parts. "Typical" DLC songs will continue to be sold for $2 (and those tracks include keyboard and drum Pro Mode support, as well as vocal harmonies), but enabling Pro Mode for guitar will cost another dollar, MTV Games' Paul DeGooyer told IGN. He also noted that not all songs will have a Pro Mode guitar add-on, since there are certain guitar parts that "wouldn't rise to the level that they would need to have Pro Mode authoring."

Additionally, DeGooyer further explained the song importing process from previous Rock Band games. RB3 will recognize any existing tracks from RB1 and Lego Rock Band that may already be on your hard drive (or you can pay the $5 and $10 fees, respectively, to purchase keys to rip them), while RB2 tracks can be exported into the RB3 song library for a nominal fee -- DeGooyer said it will be more than $5, though.

Harmonix is also planning to add keyboard parts and Pro Mode support to old songs, and there will be a charge to purchase those updates, as well. Most likely, said DeGooyer, customers who've previously purchased a song will just get a discount on an updated version (instead of having to by the new version at full price). In the abstract, all these added fees might sound expensive, but they're still probably cheaper than real guitar lessons.

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