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New DSi XL colors, Wii and DS release dates, and Mario Party 2 for Europe


Official Nintendo Magazine has put together a list of upcoming European release dates for Wii and DS games. For those of you who don't want to wait for the 3DS, three new DSi XL colors (yellow, green, and blue) will be in stores on October 8. You'll be able to use that new DS for Professor Layton and the Lost Future, out October 22, Pokemon Ranger: Guardian Signs, out November 19, and Golden Sun: Dark Dawn, arriving December 10.

Wii owners in the UK can look forward to Wii Party on October 8, FlingSmash on November 19, Donkey Kong Country Returns on December 3, and in the most random announcement of the day ... Mario Party 2 on the Virtual Console some time in December. Better grab some extra Classic Controllers, because you're going to break the ones you have.

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