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Olibith writes guide to creating machinima


Have you been interested in learning how people like Olibith create the amazing visual pieces that they do? Well, Olibith is now working on a series that will give you a guided tour on operating WoW Model Viewer and creating your own machinima. You can find it over at GameCreds. If you don't know Olibith, he's the guy who did Beware of Baby B. He knows what he's talking about.

You'll find this series enlightening on the ways of the mysterious machinimator, especially if you haven't fired up WoW Model Viewer before. It's a fascinating look into how Olibith creates his characters and animates them. I'm looking forward to later entries into the series and am already planning on creating a video using only the techniques Olibith describes.

I hope between Olibith's guides and Wowcrendor's, we get to see a new wave of machinimators creating WoW films. It's a unique method of telling fan stories, and it's always been one of my favorite things about the WoW community. Good luck to everyone who takes this opportunity to learn!

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