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Katamari Damacy director and wife reveal new company


Katamari Damacy director Keita Takahashi and wife Asuka Sakai officially unveiled their new company, named "Uvula," with a low-key website. Rather than focusing solely on game development, the company's "About Us" page details a focus on "music and video games," adding that "we want to widen the our [sic] limit." Oddly, Uvula's first project falls outside of the realm of music and video games, with Takahashi designing a playground in the UK.

In typical Takahashi fashion, the company's website contains an "Others" page filled with, well ... other, often bizarre stuff that he created over the years (our fave was the hippo tissue holder seen above). Sure, the announcement of the new business is exciting and all, but, um, have you seen this goat flower box? Remarkable.

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