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Warner says Netflix 30 day delay works like a charm

Ben Drawbaugh

Those who love to rent discs on the cheap were less than thrilled about the 30 day delay for Netflix and Redbox, but Warner is happy to report that the strategy paid off. We suspected as much after the latest DEG numbers showed a healthy rebound the quarter after the windows were enforced, but there's nothing like hearing it straight from the source. For those who missed it, the digital download and streaming services were the real winner there as they're still day-and-date with Blu-ray sales, and the studios are keen on 'em. Warner's CFO even went so far as to say "Digital is going to be good for our business, we think it is a great time to be in our business." To which we say, any business that isn't losing money is a great business to be in. So while many seemed to strongly oppose the new windows when announced, months later it seems most have learned that it's better to be patient and save money, than to pay $6 to stream a blocky mess.

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