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Microsoft brings Windows 7 Family Pack back: $150 covers three PCs

Darren Murph

Missed out on the limited run of Windows 7 Family Packs back in July of last year? You aren't alone. In fact, it sold out in record time, and now that you've bitten the bullet and ponied up for a trio of retail copies, the folks in Redmond are having a laugh at your impatience. As a way to celebrate the nearing of the one year Windows 7 anniversary, Microsoft is now re-offering the Win7 Family Pack on its online store. As a refresher, $149.99 allows for Windows 7 Home Premium to be installed on up to three PCs, but Microsoft warns that the offer stands only while supplies last. Oh, and if you live outside of America? Look for your opportunity to arise on October 22nd.

Update: Amazon has it for just $140. Thanks, Stephen!

Update 2: Best Buy also has copies... while supplies last!

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