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DJ Hero 2 bundles include free DJ Hero in Europe

Justin McElroy

Kenny Rogers is fond of reminding us "you've got to count your dub-plates before you touch the turntables, because if you run out of big tunes, it means your sound is done." The catch, of course, is that if there's no stopping your party, there's really no way to tell how many is enough. That said, we're pretty sure European purchasers of DJ Hero 2 are going to be in a better position to follow The Gambler's advice when they collect the free copy of DJ Hero, that Activision has announced will be included in their purchase of the Party or Turntable bundle (while supplies last).

In total, the deal will net buyers 170 mixes, which we'd assume are enough big tunes. Again though, and we can't stress this enough, there is no way of knowing.

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