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Hell freezes over as Darkfall's latest expansion takes a bow

Jef Reahard

Darkfall isn't exactly renowned for its subtlety, so perhaps it's only fitting that the latest expansion for the indie sandbox game sounds like something an amped-up PvP junkie would choose for a character name. Ladies and gentlemen, Aventurine presents... Hellfreeze (cue the bombastic Hans Zimmer music).

All kidding aside, today's update contains quite a lot of PvE content for a PvP-centric game (perhaps the titular hell freezing over is a result of this interesting development?), as well as a hugely ambitious graphical reskinning of the entire world of Agon. In addition to the extreme makeover, no less than 17 dungeons have been redesigned to feature better rewards, more challenges, and new daily quests. All of the PvE-craziness is intended to "set the stage for many new dungeon style encounters to be introduced in the near future," according to the expansion announcement on the official website.

The update also introduces Funhulks, the Player Flag system, and new mounts and ships (including the first craftable vessel that doesn't require a shipyard), all of which points to Aventurine's desire to broaden the game's horizons beyond the red-equals-dead crowd that typically inhabits a FFA/corpse-looting MMORPG. Check out the official announcement for more gory details.

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