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'Push It' real good, win Dance Central


Do you lack both the money for a Kinect and Dance Central, and shame? Harmonix and Truth have a Mephistophelian offer for you. Their "Killer Routine" contest asks fans to submit 10-30 second videos of themselves dancing to this clip of Salt-n-Pepa's "Push It." Those videos will then be posted, with the most popular video earning its creator a "House Party with a Dance Central choreographer" and Xbox/Dance Central/Kinect bundles for themselves and five friends.

"You must be participating in some recognizable form of dance for at least 75% of the video," the rules warn. If you are dancing for the whole time and you're disqualified for this rule ... that's going to sting. But if you're confident enough in your dancing to show the world, you have until November 25 to get up on this!

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