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Razer introduces two special edition MMO gaming mice

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

Razer is releasing a couple of new Naga gaming mice designed for MMO fans, and before you protest that the company already did that, take a look.

Razer says that the first Naga mouse received a "phenomenal response," so the company has created two special edition versions: the Maelstrom and Molten. The Maelstrom has a "whirlpool of entrancing blue light emanating from its swirling core," while the Molten offers "lava-red fissures cutting a jagged path across the mouse."

They're pretty, but are they a good fit for MMO gamers? The Razer site has a decent overview and list of technical specifications. If you decide it's a must-have, the special editions will be available in November.

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