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Cheating cheaters using smartphones and GPS to make mazes less fun

Tim Stevens

When you enter a maze you are looking to do one of two things: get lost and have fun finding your way out, or save yourself from an axe-wielding maniac whose manuscript isn't quite coming together as he'd hoped. Unless you're going for option number two we'd have to say anyone who cheats to escape the maze is rather missing the point. That includes a growing number of visitors to Britain's giant yew maze at Longleat house in Wiltshire, a beautiful structure with seven foot tall walls that, on average, takes a person about an hour and a half to get through. However, lately it's been taking as little as 10 minutes as short attention spanned visitors get bored, whip out their smartphones, and load up whatever satellite imagery app is at their disposal. Effective? Yes. Defeating the purpose? Obviously.

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