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Alundra and Arc the Lad on PSOne Classics Oct. 12


Two PlayStation action RPGs originally published by Working Designs will be released on PSN tomorrow -- though, because they're digital, there won't be any room for cloth maps, toys, or other trinkets. Sorry!

The upside is that the digital releases of Alundra and Arc the Lad, published by MonkeyPaw Games, will only run you the customary $5.99 PSOne Classics price. In its press release, MonkeyPaw teased that it "[plans] to promote the titles with some of the historical swag from the titles' original releases." What could that mean? We're following up with MonkeyPaw to find out.

These two games won't be in the new PSOne Imports Store, as they were both officially localized and released here. They'll be in the regular PSOne Classics area instead.

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Classic RPGs Alundra and Arc the Lad make their mark

Our company mission is to bring together East and West. We've started by delivering games from Japan that may have missed the first boat but are still seaworthy adventures.

This week, we'd like to bring you some nostalgia from the RPG vault.

Arc the Lad and Alundra are two genre-defining games that raised the bar on how RPGs should be designed and marketed. The style and art of each are distinct and still hold up well today. Alundra was one of the best RPGs to launch on the PlayStation® Network and the Arc titles went on to become one of the longest running series on the console.

In their retail release, Working Designs, a company known for fan service and meticulous localizations of Japanese games, created wonderful translations of these games, along with exquisite packaging to make the games true collector items. Trying to find one of these games today on the market is a very difficult feat. We are happy to be working with former exec of Working Designs, Victor Ireland, on these titles, as no one knows them better. Digital download won't be able to deliver his fine packaging but we do plan to promote the titles with some of the historical swag from the titles' original releases. Keep your eyes open.

These titles are a bit different from our previous releases as they are fully translated so they won't be appearing in the PlayStation Import Store, but rather in the PSOne Classics section on PSN. The games will be released on October 12th for $5.99 each.

Make sure to mark your calendars for the return of these two RPG classics.

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