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ilomilo exclusive to AT&T Windows Phone 7 devices

During the unveiling of Windows Phone 7 – happening live right now! – Microsoft veep of Windows Phone Joe Belfiore took the opportunity to show off some games. One of those games was the Microsoft Game Studios-published (and therefore Xbox Live and Windows Phone exclusive) ilomilo which Belfiore announced would be "available exclusively on AT&T phones." Our comrades at Engadget share our sentiment exactly: "Whoa, that is weird."

It could be argued that all iPhone games are AT&T exclusive in the US since, well, it's only available through AT&T; however, for multi-carrier phones running on lots of different pieces of hardware, the introduction of carrier exclusivity is a slippery slope. And does that mean that just the mobile version is exclusive to AT&T or is the Xbox Live release now off the table as well? We'll have more details later today on the Windows Phone 7 gaming experience.

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