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Put your favorite apps on the fridge with app magnets


These are great -- a company called Jailbreak Toys (name unrelated -- I think) has apparently been selling a set of "App Magnets," little square magnets that feature icons for Apple's official iPhone apps. How cool -- I'd love to have a Photos, Safari, or an App Store icon to pin things up on the fridge for me.

The magnets sell for 1260 yen, or about US $15, in Japan. But over on Jailbreak's website, you can get them for just $12 (while supplies last, or until Apple's lawyers boot up their iPads and send the C&D email, of course). I like the idea a lot, though -- I'd love to have a magnet or pillow for the icons of some of my favorite unofficial apps, too.

[via WeLoveApple]

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