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Squarehead Technology's amazing AudioScope lets you tune in the court, tune out the crowds (video)

Tim Stevens

No, that picture above isn't the mothership finally come to take us home. In fact, it's not a UFO of any class, rather an array of 300 omnidirectional microphones placed in perfect symmetry around a central camera. Joined together like this the system can do some incredible things. It's called the AudioScope from Norwegian company Squarehead Technology, and it could be heading to more arenas near you, enabling a broadcaster to "zoom" in on any sound. The layout of the system allows an attached computer to calculate exactly when sound from any point in the arena will massage each, individual microphone. That system can then extract out only that sound, muffle the rest, and give an amazingly clear rendition of what's being said and heard on the court. How clear? You'll want to watch the video after the break, and then ponder just how many more censors the sports networks will need on staff when this thing becomes widespread.

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