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Tenacious D to rock the doors off of Blizzcon 2010

Blizzcon's beginning to develop a reputation for being a breeding ground for unmitigated face rocking. Last year, the show closed out with a performance by known World of Warcraft fanatic Ozzy Osbourne -- this year, the ending ceremonies will receive musical accompaniment from Tenacious D, whom we imagine are familiar with some of Blizzard's titles. We mean, just look at them.

The duo will perform new jams and old favorites during the closing moments of the show on October 23. Of course, the event's been sold out since about fifteen seconds after tickets went on sale, so this news really only pertains to people who were agile enough to grab an entry pass. Or the diehard, presumably independently wealthy people willing to shell out $39.95 to stream the event on DirectTV.

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