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Halo RC Warthogs: Now in rocket flavor


As part of its line of RC Halo toys, NKOK will soon release a new RC Warthog. The hog sports a rocket turret -- though regrettably not night vision -- and includes figures of Noble 6 and Carter from Halo: Reach. The diminutive ride will retail for $25, but can you really put a price on childhood?

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Join the Fight for Reach with NKOK's Rocket Warthog
NKOK continues to deliver R/C excitement with Halo: Reach's Rocket Warthog R/C

City of Industry, CA – NKOK, producers of the successful collection of Halo R/C Vehicles launches into the campaign to save Reach with its Remote Controlled Rocket Warthog.

As seen in Halo: Reach, The M12R Rocket Warthog swaps out the M41 Chaingun or M68 Gauss Cannon for some heavy firepower in the form of a rear-mounted M79 65mm Rocket Launcher Systems capable of taking out Grunts, Jackals, and Elites as well as heavy vehicles like Ghosts, Wraiths and Banshees. With the M79 weapons system, the Rocket Warthog combines maneuverability with massive artillery to give Carter and the rest of Noble Team a sliver of hope at saving Reach, and NKOK will put fans and collectors in the fight right alongside them.

The R/C Rocket Warthog comes with two figurines, Noble 6 and Carter-259, leader of Noble Team. The figurines will be to scale and fit into either of the Rocket Warthog's seats or station at the fully moveable Rocket Launcher. With an approximate top speed of 7 MPH, the Rocket Warthog will give the fastest vehicles in NKOK's Halo Collection a run for their money. It receives signals at 27 MHz and is powered by a total of six AA batteries; four for the Warthog itself, and two for the controller. The Rocket Warthog will be available at an MSRP of $24.99.

The Rocket Warthog will be available late in September for purchase in the USA at GameStop, Toys R Us, Kmart Stores, Meijer, Fry's Electronics, and specialty retailers through Diamond Comic Distribution. They will also be available for purchase online at, and

About NKOK, Inc.
Established in 1998, NKOK, Inc. is an innovative manufacturer and distributor of superb quality, highly detailed and extremely fun toys. The products offered by NKOK range from remote control vehicles to craft activities such as Singer® sewing & knitting machines. Other licensed properties include Halo®, Halo® Reach, Ratchet & Clank, Twisted Metal, Sonic and Sega All Stars Racing®, Shrek Forever After®, Hello Kitty®, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles®, Chuck-E-Cheese, My First Vehicles, etc. For more information, visit

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