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HTC HD7 costs €599 unlocked at, 7 Trophy priced at £430 in UK

Vlad Savov

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Looks like Amazon isn't sleeping on this whole Windows Phone 7 launch shebang. The online retailer has unveiled its pricing for a pair of HTC handsets so far, with the 4.3-inch HTC HD7 costing €599 ($835) in Germany and the 3.8-inch 7 Trophy setting UK buyers back £430 ($685). The Trophy in particular is coming in at slightly below the typical Android handset pricing, whereas the HD7 seems to carry a reasonable premium for its jumbo dimensions and flagship billing. Alas, neither the UK nor the DE portal will let you purchase or pre-order a handset just yet, but considering that the Trophy is expected on November 8, maybe that's not such a big deal. Europe-wide availability for Windows Phone 7 handsets is coming on October 21, so the best strategy might well be to use these numbers as price guides and wait till the store doors open next Thursday.

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