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Ask Massively: New Mega Man games edition

Eliot Lefebvre

I'm really happy to see that we're getting two new Mega Man games at long last. Mega Man Universe looks like it's going to be pretty awesome, even if it should really be taking cues from later installments, and Mega Man Legends 3 is a game that I've been waiting to see for... yeah, just about 10 years. Unfortunately, that does mean that I'm going to have to purchase another platform for the game, but that's all right by me. I already have a few dozen systems in my house; one more isn't going to hurt.

But we're not here to talk about my pet causes -- we're here for the latest edition of Ask Massively. This week's questions were all about Chronicles of Spellborn and administrative details, so click on past the cut for our answers, and send your questions in to! Or just leave them right here in the comments, makes no nevermind to us.

Todd asks: I was wondering if you guys at Massively could get a more official word on the future (if any) of Chronicles of Spellborn?

I'm sorry to say that we're unfortunately in the dark about this. The sudden shutdown of Acclaim left the game adrift, and at this point we don't even know what publisher may or may not pick up the game from here on out. We were pretty surprised when Acclaim got shut down, so unfortunately we didn't get a chance to ask any questions about the future of the games in question until the company was gone.

Is it possible another company will pick it up? Definitely. But until a company announces such, we have to wait and see.
James asks: Hi, any chance you could update the link to [WoW Insider] at the top of the page?
Those links are actually controlled by code that's auto-inserted into the page header by the overarching forces of Not Us. While we can pass the issue along, we're not able to make the direct change. It has been passed along and should be switched pretty soon.
enamelizer asks: Who's the psychic one now?
Still us. We tricked you.

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