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How Silent Hill: Past Life ties into Silent Hill 8


Remember Silent Hill: Past Life, the crossover comic planned for the upcoming Silent Hill title? Remember how the comic was supposed to feature one of the game's characters, despite the fact that the comic and the game take place over a hundred years apart? It appears that Hell Descent has uncovered the character in question, a possibly ethereal postmaster by the name of Howard Blackwood.

Blackwood appears in the first issue of the comic, while what appears to be the same character is also seen briefly in the Silent Hill E3 trailer (see him at 2:51 after the break). Whether Mr. Blackwood plays an immortal guide a la Richard Alpert, or the man in the trailer is merely the descendant of Blackwood, remains to be seen. Regardless, it seems like a neat inclusion, and we imagine Silent Hill's postmaster must have some idea of what's going on (whenever he's not delivering letters from dead loved ones, anyway).

[Image: Hell Descent]


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