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Lost in translation: HDMI adapter for iPhone 4 and iPad


Today seems to be a day for news from China, the birthplace of most Apple hardware. This little tidbit of info comes courtesy of Noosy, AKA Shenzhen North Technology Co., Ltd.

The company has developed an HDMI adapter for the iPhone 4, fourth-generation iPod touch, and iPad, so you can now pop the little adapter onto your iDevice and blast video from apps that support video-out to your HDTV.

Details on the adapter are sketchy; the page for the device appears to have been run through Google Translate, with the predictable result of some unintentionally humorous gaffes. There's no price, but at least we can be assured that it supports 720p output, is "easily plus&play," and can display "the MTV."

Unfortunately, there is no pricing information and no clear sign of when this may make it to worldwide distribution. We'll keep an eye open and see what happens, as we too would like to "have so fabulous screen to instead of the 10" iPad screen." As they say, "you never see a HDMI adapter can be elegant like this!!"

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