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Video: Art Academy makes drawing as easy as 1,2,3,4,5


There are ten lessons included on the retail version of Art Academy. At a Nintendo event, I was able to go through one of them on a DSi XL. As you'll see in the video after the break, Art Academy breaks down the process of drawing a tree into five "simple" steps.

What isn't evident in the video is how natural these directions feel. For example, the in-game tutor, Vince, tells you to draw your basic sketch from the ground up. Why? Because that's how trees and branches grow naturally in the environment. By mimicking his example, and listening to his advice, it becomes really easy to understand these basic concepts. Art Academy also goes through the steps of showing you what tools you'll need to use: whether it be a pencil, chalk, paint, etc.

While my limited time with Art Academy was very informative, I do have one gripe with the product: there's no way to export your created images off the DS system. Instead of looking at the tree I drew, you'll have to make do with the one in this video. But trust me, mine looked just as good.

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