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OTI report finds US and Canada have the most expensive cellphone plans, India and Hong Kong the cheapest


It's far from the first study to compare the cost of cellphone plans around the world, but this new report from the New America Foundation's Open Technology Initiative (which counts Google CEO Eric Schmidt as a board member) does look to be a bit more thorough than most, which might help to dissuade some of the criticism levied at past studies from the likes of the CTIA. Of course, the ultimate findings of the study aren't exactly a surprise, with the group again finding that the United States and Canada have the most expensive cellphone plans in the world. As you can see in the chart above, that takes into account voice, text and data rates, which added up to a minimum $67.70 and $59.99 per month for a "complete" postpaid cellphone package in Canada and the US, respectively. That's as opposed to just $13.50 and $12.90 per month in Hong Kong and India, which are considerably cheaper in large part because they ether rely on a pay-per-use business model or a combination of pay-per-use and a small preset limit. That's just scratching the surface though -- hit up the source link below for the complete report with charts aplenty.

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