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Oddsmakers lay bets on Wednesday's event


With less than 24 hours to go before Apple's "Back to the Mac" press event, oddsmakers have laid odds on what we're likely to see. Specifically, CEO Mickey Richardson and his team at Bookmaker have presented the following odds (note that the +/- denotes the return on any wager) and the likelihood of a response occurring:

There will be an 11-inch version of Macbook Air

YES -750 88.5%
NO +150 40%

Updated iWork & iLife

YES -500 15%
NO +100 50%

There will be a Facetime for iChat in new OS
YES -750 88.5%
NO +150 40%

The next version of OS X will be called Lion
YES +150 40%
NO -750 88.5%

All of those things are likely to happen if you ask us. There are a slew of rumors about the MacBook Air, German has inadvertently dropped a hint about iLife '11 and a retooled iChat with FaceTime support seems like a no-brainer. Plus the invitation features a picture of a lion for goodness sake.

We'll have full coverage tomorrow. See you then.

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