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Yojimbo 3 released with companion iPad app

TJ Luoma, @tjluoma

In the department of "Things That Took TJ By Surprise" you can add "Barebones released Yojimbo on the iPad!"

Yojimbo was the first "collection box" app that I ever used. It is still the easiest app I know to grab bits of information from anywhere on your Mac to save it for later. The lack of an iOS app has been a big drawback.

Being able to access Yojimbo on the iPad may be surprising, but it's great news, and I look forward to putting it through the paces. There's a good overview on of mobile Yojimbo's feature set, which includes a few caveats. The initial version is "read-only" so you can't add to your Yojimbo collection from the iPad. It will sync with your Mac, but only over Wi-Fi on the same network.

This is version 1.0, but I always caution against buying an app that you can't use today because of what you hope it will do tomorrow. For $10 you are getting mobile access to your Yojimbo collection, assuming that you own Yojimbo 3 which was also just released as a free upgrade for Yojimbo 2 owners and a $20 upgrade for existing users (Version 2 users: you will be getting your 3.0 registration via email "soon" according to the website. They recommend using the demo until then). Yojimbo 3 offers two main features: you can now scan from a TWAIN scanner directly into Yojimbo,and iPad support.

I can already hear a host of Evernote users clamoring to add that it does all this and more, but some of us (myself included) have never warmed to Evernote the way that we did to Yojimbo. For us, this is a great day.

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