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Patch 4.0.1 hunter DPS hotfix

Matthew Rossi

If you play a hunter, you may be interested in what Zarhym had to say today about your DPS -- namely, that it should already have gone up. Yay for more damage!

Zarhym - Re: Class balance as of Oct 13, 2010
We have pushed a hotfix to improve hunter damage.

Specifically, we increased the damage of the signature abilities (Chimera Shot, Black Arrow, Explosive Shot, and Kill Command) by 15-25%. This will both improve overall damage-dealing and make sure that these abilities are prioritized higher than other shots. We think this will bring hunters to a good enough state until they hit 85. Aspect of the Fox and Cobra Shot solve some specific issues at higher levels. Marksman hunters may still trump Survival and Beastmaster hunters until they're 85, since their rotations rely a little on Cobra Shot.

So just in time for Hallow's End, you hunters get 15 to 25 percent more damage on several signature abilities. I don't play a hunter myself, but I'm happy for y'all, as long as I don't end up in Sholazar with my wife camping some rare spawn parrot thing. I really don't understand you non-melee types, but I can't see a downside to more base damage here.

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