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Software Reinstall USB drive comes with new MacBook Air

Aron Trimble

During today's "Back to the Mac" event, Apple announced a brand new MacBook Air that comes in two screen sizes and features a bevy of upgrades. However, one similarity that the new Air has with its lineage is the lack of an optical drive.

For the purpose of re-installing the software that comes with every Mac, this lack of an optical drive was previously overcome by wirelessly sharing an optical drive with another Mac. Today's updated MacBook Air now ships with a stylish USB drive for software re-installation duties.

The MacBook Air can still use a remote optical drive, as well as take advantage of the external MacBook Air SuperDrive. Still, this free accessory will come in handy for those late night software emergencies when friendly computers and Apple Stores are nowhere in sight.

[via Engadget]

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