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Red Dead Redemption 'Undead Nightmare' multiplayer caught on video, achievements detailed


In case you needed more of a reason to want Red Dead Redemption's upcoming "Undead Nightmare" DLC than zombie bears -- excuse us, Zombears -- this just might be it. Rockstar has released a trailer focusing on the new content's co-op "Undead Overrun" multiplayer, and it might strike you as a little familiar.

In it, you and your posse take on waves of the infected, while trying to reach a safehouse survive until the timer runs out. Weapons and ammo must be "chosen wisely" at the outset (though more can be rummaged from coffins) and fallen amigos can be revived, provided you get to them fast enough. See it for yourself in the amusingly narrated trailer after the break. We'd try to rhyme like its narrator, but it would probably come out something like this: "Undead Overrun is a lot of fun." (Wait -- that sounds like one of his actual lines.)

In addition to the trailer, Rockstar has revealed that the DLC will bring with it 12 additional Achievements / Trophies, our favorite of which is "Smoke That Skinwagon," unlocked by making it to wave 15 of the Undead Overrun mode. You can browse the full list here, unless it's spoilers you fear.

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