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Copernicus' Curt Schilling talks business models and target audiences

Jef Reahard

Curt Schilling, former World Series MVP and one of baseball's noted clutch performers, is now firing fastballs at the MMO industry. In addition to forming 38 Studios and spearheading work on the company's cryptic Copernicus MMORPG, Schilling clearly loves games. He also loves to talk about them (and occasionally talk smack) as a new interview at Ugo illustrates.

"We're not making a game for everybody either because when you make a game for everybody, you end up making it for no one. I know what we love, I know what we want, and the game that I'm playing is growing into being what we set out to make," Schilling enthuses. When he says "we," he's talking about the all-star roster assembled at 38 studios, including everyone from R.A. Salvatore, to Todd McFarlane, to veteran developers that "have been on every major MMO from Ultima Online."

All this talent doesn't come cheaply of course, but Schilling is adamant about making a traditional (albeit well-polished) MMORPG despite the current free-to-play craze sweeping the industry. "We won't launch free-to-play. That makes no sense. [...] Given the feedback that we've gotten and in a lot of focus testing that we've done, people will pay a subscription if they believe that they're getting their money's worth," he says, while also noting that the Copernicus budget is somewhere in the neighborhood of $100 million.

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