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Halloween comes to City of Heroes

Eliot Lefebvre

Most people look forward to Christmas for presents, but City of Heroes players look forward to Halloween. After all, the celebration of all things ghoulish brings with it the opportunity for players to gain that most coveted of rewards -- an extra costume slot. The Halloween Event has run in Paragon CIty and the Rogue Isles for many years, and this year doesn't just bring the event to the new region of Praetoria, it gives all characters a chance to earn some new badges and take part in some new monster-themed activities.

The biggest addition to this year's event is a tip mission that sends you on a seasonally-themed mission arc, which can be started by hunting for tips while wearing one of the many costumes offered through the event. (Other costume powers are confirmed to work too, in case you'd rather be a Rikti.) Of course, the classic elements from years past have remained intact, with players getting a chance to collect special Halloween salvage and build themselves an extra costume slot. Take a look at the event page for a rundown of all the new badges and the event features, and log in to City of Heroes before midnight on October 31st to take part in all the festivities.

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