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Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit limited time demo coming Oct. 26


We've got a need -- a need for temporarily available demos of racing games that'll be available publicly in a few weeks, anyway. EA's bringin' it, with a Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit demo that will be available on Xbox Live Marketplace and PlayStation Network from tomorrow until November 9 (the demo goes live on PSN in Europe on the 27th). The publisher didn't explain the reason for the demo's temporary availability, instead focusing on the details of the forthcoming trial.

Both "Dark Horse" and "Roadster's Reborn" game modes will be included. The former is the standard cops and robbers/cat and mouse scenario, while the latter offers ghost car time trials to compete against. The game's "autolog" social networking feature plays heavily into the second game mode, only unlocking after players add friends into their "Need for Speed friends list." We look forward to reevaluating our "friends" once it becomes impossible to beat some of their track times.

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